Housing and Health Partnerships: Supporting Successful Tenancies

May 17, 2019
DE NAHRO Annual Conference

The Housing and Health Partnerships: Supporting Successful Tenancies Conference is designed to discuss issues and resolutions that affect the clients of Housing and Social Service Professionals.

Renters ad homeowners may need guidance in maneuvering through the government process to qualify and obtain health & social service assistance.  Social service clients might need to know how to access or stay in their housing.  In these economic times we must be mindful of the increased need to combine programs and how best to deliver them to the families that need them most.

Session swill include topics such as:

  • Landlord Recruitment & Retention
  • Accessing Housing
  • Tenants Rights & Responsibilities under the Tenant/Landlord Code
  • Tenants in Crisis
  • Financing Supportive Housing
  • Overcoming Barriers to Housing/”Tenants with History”
  • Accessing Mainstream Services to Maintain Housing

This one day conference at Dover Downs conference Center is the perfect opportunity for Health & Social Service and Housing Professionals to find ways to best assist, and where to direct, their clients when multiple benefits/services re needed. 

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